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coco island

I care about my private online diary!.

Every time we go somewhere, we should bring with Us a photo camera Canon or Panasonic brand for a change.
These facts are what sets the ones that visit places and then they don't remember or have a clue ever for what they just seen two or 12 twelve years ago.

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Example: pets cats, pet dog, birds, rabbits gold fish etc, trips & tours experiences, wedding parties, graduation college and high school, schools, sports all terms, boy baby, girl baby birth, companies business meetings, corporations products display and more.
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Join the millions of online user already sharing their arts and jobs with oleo aquarelle pictures frames for galleries.

You got to turn that great Canon lens machine on and put it to work, says the manufacturer worrying about the revolutionary market that iPhone 5c 5s models, Smartphone and tablets or simple cell phones these days.

I mean, you seen how many individuals were on the month of January 2015 in front of the white house waiting for the president to start giving the speech with his wife and daughters
It was a president's presentation like no other before.

An international event, the hospitality reviews and customers opinions, information from hotel suites, beach resort, don't mean anything if you don't take time to tell everybody worldwide what places you been and how was the experience as far of services and amenities, the restaurant food.

( If visiting the Caribbean Jamaica Montego Bay, Kingston and Jamaica all inclusive resorts proven with enough colorful photo.

romantic resort

How in the USA people can start talking about an experience and a great honeymoon event, a vacation traveling without those things that many of us want to watch, which can be videos too.

The European capitals cities are gorgeous also and a nice set of electronics between laptops tablets Smartphone and photography equipment are well accepted for these events when traveling arrives to Madrid Spain, Barcelona, London UK Liverpool port, the Mediterranean beaches south Italy and by Paris in France.
List all travel destinations you can image at Photos Hiary homes.

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For kids and college students, high school boys and  girls the best experience comes when they take a trip to Orlando Disney World, The Land of Fantasy.

The big people again, prove you went there with photos of Hawaii Maui Honolulu islands or Las Vegas NV Nevada near the strips, for evening and night shows.

And what about the statue of liberty in city of New York?
The port Everglades where cruise lines passengers take their boat cruise for at sea experience trips fifteen days or nowhere trips.

The city of Miami Florida, the Orlando Disneyworld are a dream kind for the kids who ask for World of Disney and exotic places to stay known as beach downtown resorts.
If you live by Hawaii Big Island, the Orlando Miami Beach, FL Keys, and Las Vegas, by the New York Central park, then send us some photography if you want to share online

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wife Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg's baby

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Question is how many of you taken photos that are clear enough for the Twitter, Facebook fans and Photos diaries to accept them as history?
many, I mean, many are now in the social media web online.